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Good morning flow and vinyasa yoga teacher  

Anu believes yoga is a powerful self healing tool to find authentic happiness and joy in life. Her mission is to gently guide the students into a deep connection with themselves and create an open and nurturing space for everyone to explore and grow through their yoga practice. 

Anu teaches Flow and Vinyasa yoga, but also loves to share Yin Yoga, Yoga Pranala and Hatha Yoga. Her style of teaching is precise, but allowing and inclusive to everyone. She encourages everyone to listen to their bodies subtle messages and move from their inner truth to open the body, mind and spirit. She sees yoga as a union of breath, movement and meditation, where each part is in equal balance. 

Anu is originally from Finland but has been studying and teaching yoga in Bali for years and carries the warm spirit of the island in her heart and her teachings. 

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