Cycle de chakra yoga

MARS, 2019

14:00 – 16:00

Studio de Montpellier

Join Anu on Saturdays (from March 2nd to April 6th) to rejuvenate your energies with Chakra Yoga.

Programme :

In these classes we will focus on awakening our natural inner energy system – physically, emotionally and spiritually. According to yogic tradition, Chakras are our main energy centers along the spine, each housing different aspects of your life force. The classes are designed to work on one chakra at a time, allowing the practices to cleanse, stabilize and restore your vital energy so that the life force can run through you more freely, even after you step out of your mat. The practice will bring you into connection with your true essence and help you to notice the healing powers of yoga in your life. Come and find your inner connection and strength!

The classes will consist of a brief intro on the chakra of the day, a breathing exercise (pranayama), a juicy yoga flow and meditation. The classes are relatively gentle and open to all levels of yogis, beginners are warmly welcome! The teaching will be in English.

The classes will be filled on first come – first serve basis, so please just arrive about 15 minutes before the start.

Tarifs et inscription :


1st Chakra – Muladhara – Roots and earth :

2 March, 14h – 16h

2nd Chakra – Svadhistana – Water and creativity :

9 March, 14h – 16h

3rd Chakra – Manipura – Inner sun, strength and fire :

16 March, 14h – 16h

4th Chakra – Anahata – Opening and love :

23 March, 14h – 16h

5th Chakra – Vishuddha – Clarity, communication and listening :

6 April, 14h – 16h


15 € Normal price

10 € For students and unemployed



Lieu :

Studio Theyogiinme Montpellier
54, rue Estelle
34 000 Montpellier

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